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Live Event Freedom Fitness Burien

Saturday, May. 20th • 11 am PST

Workout duration  28 minutes

Event cost $50  Early Bird $30

You'll also get access to the after-party and a FreeStar Games shirt!


*Money back guarantee if your refund is requested before May 13, 2023

Location: Freedom Fitness Burien

Address: 15830 1st Ave S, Burien 98148

Phone number: (206) 244-8200

We can all benefit from having a training goal. Signing up for an event that requires you to be in shape is the perfect motivation to make sure you work out regularly and push yourself to be your best.

We're in the midst of 2023. We've all worked hard and survived the pandemic together. Now it's time to really kick it into gear & harness your inner power. 

To celebrate all that we've overcome together, Freedom Fitness is hosting the Third Annual FreeStar Games on May 20th in Burien!

Here are the details | Be prepared

Test Your Strength, Athleticism, & Endurance

8 exercises that will test your strength levels. Some exercises included: 60 second rep max for barbell dead lift, 60 second max distance sled pull/push, 4 minute max distance fan bike. Keep reading to see the full list of exercises in the games.

Partner Up

This is a partner event so you won't be competing alone. It makes it more fun to workout alongside someone. You can choose your partner or we'll pair you up with another competitor of similar fitness level.

All Levels of Fitness and Experience Welcome

Participants get to choose the weight they want to compete at, so anyone who wants to compete ... can compete! Although there will need to be certain standards adhered to for the official scoring of events. See the full list of official exercise event standards listed below.

The After Party!!

After you've completed the FreeStar Games workout, join the after-party with a live DJ, BBQ, and beverages. Cheer on the next waves of competitors while hanging with your old and/or new gym buds.

Enjoy the music and have some food and drink after a hard push for a 28 minute workout. You deserve it.


  • 1st place team - 3 months of gym membership - FreeStar Games hoodies - 1st place plaques
  • 2nd place team - 2 months of gym membership - FreeStar Games hoodies - 2nd place plaques
  • 3rd place team - 1 month of gym membership - FreeStar Games hoodies - 3rd place plaques
  • Every Participant - FreeStar Games Dri-Fit workout shirt
  • Best Team Outfit/Costume - FreeStar Games hoodies

- FreeStar Games Exercise Events -

(choose your own weight)

Rower [4 minutes]

rest 2 min

Deadlift [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

BB Overhead Press [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

Hexbar Farmer Walk [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

MB Keg Toss [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

Burpee Box Over [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

Sled Pull & Push [60 seconds]

rest 2 min

Fan Bike [4 minutes]

*Money back guarantee if your refund is requested before Apr 1, 2023

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